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Hubfoods is an Australian owned and operated food manufacturing business that was created from a real need. Our original product line was developed to address the gap in the market for quality and tasty food within aged care. We developed a superior offering, through both taste and texture and stepped up to demonstrate there is and can always be a better solution.

At Hubfoods our mantra is we can and SHOULD expect better and should not have to compromise. If we wouldn’t eat it, then we should not expect others to. Today our business offers a wide variety of products and services many channels, though our guiding principle remains the same – in whatever we do we must deliver food solutions that are better than what’s already out there and constantly challenge the status quo.

Hubfoods is a trusted partner that consistently delivers to all.

Our guiding principle is about constantly challenging the status quo to deliver better and pushing the boundaries. It’s in our DNA and it’s the approach we take to continually deliver superior products to the market. Our mantra in everything we do is that food needs to be better than what’s already on offer, taste good and ultimately pass our own test – would we eat it?

Our philosophy

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