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About Hubfoods

25 years of food innovation!

Hubfoods is an Australian owned and operated food manufacturing business, created for a real need. Our focus is and always will be quality to assist residents and customers to dine with dignity. We have developed a superior offering, specialising in IDDSI certified PU4 and MM5 texture modified diets, that are tasty and nutritious.


As well as working in the institutional space, Hubfoods is a trusted co-manufacturing supplier that provides a range of ready to eat meals and services for our partners. At Hubfoods, our mantra is we can and SHOULD expect better, and should not have to compromise. If we wouldn’t eat it, then we should not expect others to.


Today, our business offers hundreds of solutions into the many channels of Foodservice and our guiding principle remains the same - whatever we do, we must deliver food solutions that are better than what’s already out there and constantly challenge the status quo.

Hubfoods' Team

Hubfoods team are passionate and dedicated to pioneering foods solutions that are better, tasty and full of goodness for all walks of life. The team has a collective specialisation in food production, nutrition, development and delivery.


Matt Rawe

National Business Manager

Dinesh 2.png

Dinesh Perera

Operations Manager


Joseph Schulze

National Sales Lead


Carolina Bocaz

Production Systems Manager


Una Singh

Technical Manager

Photo 7-11-2022, 9 41 14 am.jpg

Angela Alday

Quality Manager


Our point of difference

Deliver better, push boundaries and pass our own test. In other words, WOULD WE EAT IT? If we expect people to eat it, we should want to eat it too.


Our R&D

Our R&D approach to innovation is simple – WE DON’T STAND STILL, and we continually strive for more. We identify problems in categories that can be solved through commitment to innovative R&D processes. We raise the benchmark and it’s this creative mindset that sets us apart from others.

Quality & Safety Excellence

At Hubfoods, quality and safety are embedded through all levels of the organisation. Our technical acumen is evident in all departments, management, customer service, right through to the manufacturing floor.

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Our values

Challenge the status quo
This means we’re constantly challenging the current ways of doing things and coming up with superior solutions.

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