Our R&D Difference

Having started as an innovation led business, innovation is in our DNA.

Our R&D approach to innovation is simple – WE DON’T STAND STILL, and we continually strive for more. We identify problems in categories that can be solved through our investment and commitment to innovative R&D and in doing so, we raise the benchmark.

It is this innovative mindset that sets us apart from others and helps our team see opportunities from what others see as roadblocks.

For us, this means:

  • Yes, in the face of no
  • We play and create
  • We aren’t bound by our capability today

Our end diners and end users drive our innovation pipeline and we are always asking “what if?…”

And for our partners this means assurance that we can deliver a quality and qualified innovation pipeline which enables them to provide new news and new solutions for their end users.

Our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is located in Western Sydney Australia, at Glendenning. Our location along with our investment in the manufacturing facility enables hubfoods the agility to respond to our customers’ demands.

Our pioneering R&D function delivers end to end innovation from concept to development of product, right through to launch. Our R&D test kitchen is optimal for testing and learning and replicating the end-user experience which is key to great product development.

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