Texturised Foods

Above and beyond anything our texturised food range is about providing our end diners a positive eating experience.

Dining is so much more than what you eat and is as much about how the food looks as well as how it tastes that provides a great eating experience.

Our texturised food range has been specially prepared to ensure the right texture and consistency for those requiring a texture modified diet. 

What makes us unique?

Low Additives

Great Natural Flavours

No Chemicals or MSG

Ever Evolving

Our Range

Beef Steak

Chicken Fillet

Fish Fillet

Lamb Steak

Pork Steak

Pork Sausage


Turkey Fillet





Green Beans



Red Cabbage

Sweet Potato

Mango Panacotta

Lamington Swirl

Jelly Cheesecake

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